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AHL teams, don't necessary play like their NHL counterparts

The AHL is filled this year with many of the top players in the NHL draft.  The AHL fans are welcoming these young superstars, which bring in some much needed excitement into the league.  Watching NHL calibre players at AHL prices should please any hockey fan.
    Look for these players to continue there development.  Many of these players could be in the NHL scoring race in the not so distant future.
    The AHL is a fun, family friendly league that is going to be entertaining to watch this season.  Watch for some of the top prospects to show off their skills in the NHL farm system this season.  This should greatly increase the likelihood of a great NHL career for many of the young stars in the league.  If you are looking to bet on the AHL, we recommend you open an account with Bodog/Bovada for the best odds on AHL hockey.

AHL Super Stars

Typically there isn't a whole lot of exciting players to watch in the AHL, but this year it is different.  There are many players in the league that could be playing with their NHL counterparts this year.  Look for new stars to shine in the NHL in the next couple of years as these young experienced players fill up the score sheets.

AHL Goaltending

Most goalies in the NHL spend there time grinding it out in the AHL first.  This year is no different, as future NHLers fight there way to get noticed from their NHL counterparts.  Look for one of the top goalies to find a starting job in the NHL this year.

The Team to Beat

The Toronto Marlies and the Norfolk Admirals are two great teams that could both win the Calder Cup.  This will also hopefully give these players some much needed confidence to help turn around the struggling NHL franchise.

Keys to Betting on the AHL

  • Don't assume that a good NHL team make a good AHL team
  • Bet on the top four teams in the AHL
  • Don't forget about the home advantage
  • Bet against teams near the end of a long road trip
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